Palm Valley to Isla Partida, April 10th 2006.

The next morning we started the return trip. Because there was always a big difference between the first people to be ready to launch and the last, some of us launched an hour before the rest and went a few miles down the coast. While we waited we landed on the south end of Punta Arena and went beachcombing up and down the long gravel beach there. I found some pretty shells but forgot to pack them back into my kayak a few days later and left them somewhere. When everyone was on the water we took the short cut, paddling straight across the bight and heading directly at Isla Estanque, the little volcanic island off Punta Vibora. This island is interesting because it is a partially submerged volcanic crater. The storms and the tides have piled up a cobble berm on the submerged half of the cone and created a natural harbor. The berm looks as neat and orderly as if it was a breakwater carefully designed by an engineer.

There is a shallow bar connecting Isla Estanque to Punta Vibora and the tide was roaring over this. I paddled out ahead of every one and whooped when I saw the bottom zooming by underneath me. The water rose up into a little tide rip with dancing water and we got to play in it as we crossed over close to Isla Angel de la Guarda again. We paddled only two miles down the shore there before we stopped for a lunch break. Since it was still early in the afternoon we all agreed to push on and do the 8 mile crossing to Isla Partida. This would make the rest of the crossing to Isla Salsipuedes easier the following day. The water stayed calm and the crossing was uneventful. We came around the north end of the island and camped near the place we had camped three nights ago. The fishermen who’s sea turtle we had rescued were no longer there.

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