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Do you have a comment about my WEB page? Want to ask advice about kayaking some of the places I have been? I'd like to hear from you! But to quote my brother Paul: "The internet is very much like the Wild West. It's lawless. It's full of liars, con-men, thieves, vandals, sociopaths, predators, and worse".

To allow people to contact me, I used to do a foolish thing: I put my email address at the bottom of every page in my WEB site. This allowed WEB crawlers to "mine" my email address and sell it to all the SPAMmers in the world. This meant that I got 100's of ads in my email from people trying to sell me crap or get me to look at their porn sites. I put up with it in the early days of the Internet when there wasn't so much of it and I could just hit delete.

As things got worse I wrote my own SPAM detector with several layers of defense. Any email from someone I don't know was stopped at the server. I looked at the list of blocked emails every few days and sometimes found messages that I wanted and unblocked them. I probably missed quite a few of them. I added an offensive word filter so I didn't have to read so many disgusting subject lines. You used to be able to fill out a form here and be added to the "whitelist" of people who could email me.

But then my email hosting company removed one of the features I needed to make this work! So I've been defenceless against the SPAMmers ever since and I can't give you a way to get my email address from here. If you can track me down by other means, you can email me and I'll probably see it.

In my spare time I plan on finding a way to re-do my email filter. I think I have some spare time sheduled for 2037.

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