Drakes Estero Trips

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Drakes Bay Oyster BBQ, December 1997.

Pictures of me on Drakes Estero taken by Joan Wiener.

Berries Bay, July 1997.

Limantour Estero with Keith and Gail, March 5th 1997.

Gail took this roll of pictures on the trip, my pictures follow:

I took the following roll of pictures. Any difference in quality?

Limantour Estero November 30th

Accross Drakes Estero to Drakes Bay

Drakes Estero to Home Bay, January 12th 1996

I went back the second time to Drakes Estero, this time with my Dad and explored the oyster racks and Home Bay.
Here's what the Oyster Racks look like as you paddle by:

Here are some oyster racks with bright clean shells and little oyster sets starting to grow on them.

In 18 months they will be large enough to eat, right now they are invisible in the photographs! The following picture is a barge, loaded down with oysters on their way to Johnsons dock:

That's my dad, and another view down Home Bay:

I stuck my waterproof camera into the water as we drifted by and caught these pictures:

Creamery Bay, October 1st, 1995.

Creamery Bay is one of the branches of Drakes Estero, a shallow muddy body of water in the middle of Point Reyes National Seashore.

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